Comic #206

Vol1 Ch4 Page 11

Uploaded by Blue-Ten on March 07, 2014 | Edit

Author's Comment

Done! Sorry about the wait. I'm still job hunting at the moment >_>

Thanks for all the vote incentive suggestions last time. I've picked five and I've already got some of them finished :3. I'll let you guys know the week when they go up. For now, I've put a closeup of the bottom two panels as a vote incentive. I loved doing the backgrounds for those, but as usual a lot of the detail was lost.

Also! Big News! Everblue is now on Patreon! Now you can support the comic and get rewards :3. It's potentially possible for me to work on the comic full-time if enough people go for the $1 or $5 options. Right now there's a special spoilerific Volume 1 wallpaper available for the $5 supporters (and more to come!). You can see a preview of that here. And a preview of the next wallpaper here

Anyway, thanks for reading! See ya next time! :D

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