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Vol1 Vn3 Page 8

Uploaded by Blue-Ten on December 04, 2012 | Edit

Author's Comment

Been feeling really tired and oversleeping again D:. I managed to work all night in order to finish this page because I'd rather be passed out for the rest of the day than be extra late with another page XD.

It took a while, but this page was so much fun XD. Another funny Luna expression, this time with sparkles.

I designed the city in the map almost a year ago; some of the street layout is actually based [loosely] on part of an existing city in France. The page took a little longer than expected because when I went to look for the file that I use for those symbols, I found out I had somehow lost it long ago, so I had to redraw them from memory. I probably did a better job this time anyway XD.

New vote incentive is a closeup of the map! :]

Thanks for reading! :D

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