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Vol1 Ch2 Page 39

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Author's Comment

D: A sort of on-time page.

The current vote incentive is a closeup of that bottom panel which lost a lot of detail in the down-conversion.

They got the boat out of the basement... somehow XD. Honestly, this little detail slipped my mind until I was working on page 38 and may require some editing bsp;in the future to be more believable. They used a couple of planks to slide the boat over the dock and into the water, but the rest is left up to the imagination for now :B

These are the pages I was thinking about when I started this chapter and it feels good to finally reach them. The chapter's pretty far from being done (I can already tell there's going to be more than 50 pages), but I do feel like the broader story is starting to kick in now that the Skyward is touching water XD.

I've been convinced to start a Twitter account for Everblue. I probably won't be using it to tweet about random stuff ('cause I'm terrible at that), but it seems like a good way to give quick updates on the status of the comic/pages. I'm super new to Twitter, but the concept seems pretty straightforward XD

Diving right into the next page, so see ya next week :D

Thanks for reading!

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