Comic #85

Vol1 Ch2 Page 40

Uploaded by Blue-Ten on July 04, 2010 | Edit

Author's Comment

Another on-time page :D. More than halfway done with the chapter now XD.

A lot of issues, faces especially, bugged me when doing the shading stuff, but I think I may have improved a little here by trying something different... The result is a look that's inconsistent with the previous page XD. Haha, but I think I may be able to stick with this way for a while, so pages might start looking more consistent from here on out :B

Today's vote incentive is a closeup of that top panel... which, I'm glad to say, turned out to be one of Ten's least crazy-looking happy faces.


:D I just got the first chapter of Amya in the mail :D

*__* The quality of the pages is just amazing. I'm seeing details that I never noticed online :). It's so much fun to read it in print -- if you're a fan of this comic, I highly recommend buying the print version.


Thanks for reading! :D See ya next week!

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