When do you update?

Everblue updates weekly, usually on Sundays. To get an alert when the comic updates, you can follow the Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or RSS.

What programs do you use to make the comic?

I use Photoshop to sketch, color and format the pages, and Paint Tool Sai for the inks. I've also started using Fire Alpaca to ink perspective scenes.

When are the Livestreams?

The Livestreams usually happen on the weekends (most likely Sundays), at around 12 PM PST. They can run anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, so there's always time to jump in and see a page being made :]

Where do the people in Everblue get lumber for ships and crops for food?

Lumber and crops come from massive islands called Gardens. They're like the floating cities already seen in the comic but off-limits to normal citizens and completely dedicated to housing soil and cultivating plant life. More info on these islands can be found right here.

When do Dagger and Gun show up?

Gun has a couple of short scenes in Chapter 4 and officially becomes a main cast member in Chapter 5. Dagger has a brief cameo in Vignette 3 and joins the ranks in Chapter 6.

What's the deal with Luna's tattoo?

Luna's tattoo is the emblem of the Royal Navy, the same emblem General Shar displays on the back of his head. She got it about 6 years prior to the start of Chapter 1, though the reason will be explained in a later chapter.

Feel free to contact me at BlueTen87@gmail.com if you have any more questions.

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